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अगर अंधाधुन की मुख्य किरदार सोफी (राधिका आप्टे) होती, तो फिल्म कैसी होती? (SPOILER ALERT!)



How would Andhadhun be different, had Sophie(Radhika Apte) been the protagonist? (SPOILER ALERT!)

A few of my travel video snippets edited on one of my favourite songs! 'Dekha hai Aise Bhi' by Lucky Ali from album Sifar.

A look into how Spotlight introduced the characters of Eric Macleish and Mitch Garabedian by exploiting their differences.

I have always felt that Dil Chahta hai and Rock On! explored similar themes on friendship. This is my tribute to both of those films! So, here is Rock On! edited on the song, Dil Chahta hai.

Song: Dil Chahta Hai

Footage: Rock On!

A video essay on how a small choice made Logan different from other superhero movies. (Minor spoilers alert)

A video essay on how music in The Da Vinci Code is used to communicate its' themes.

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